BILL H.3818

Anyone 21+ can grow up to 6 plants per person and up to 12 plants per household. Have a conversation with your landlord, they can determine your ability to grow through a lease.
Plants must not be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids. Cultivate or process marijuana plants inside an area that is equipped with a lock or other security device.
GROWING BEFORE +21 “A person who is 18 years old, but not yet 21, who grows 12 marijuana plants or fewer in their home shall be punished by a civil penalty of not more than $100 and shall complete a drug awareness program established pursuant to section…If that person is less than 18 years of age, the parent or legal guardian of that person shall be notified. ”

Oversight is regulated by a five-person Cannabis Control Commission, CCC. At least one member is appointed by the governor, one by the attorney general, and one by the treasurer. The two other members are appointed through a majority vote of the governor, the attorney general, and the treasurer. The chair is appointed by the treasurer, and all selectees have salaries.

Stay informed and help us continue our efforts in engaging legislators to respect the will of Massachusetts voters. Together, we can maintain a responsible cannabis industry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Help us ensure a safe industry for large and small local markets alike, the best choice and variety for the consumers, and the best possible quality standards. Stay updated through MRCC.

Marijuana at the federal level.